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GENDER MAINSTREAMING IN Philanthropy and CSR & Gender IMPACT INvesting

We offer a range of services to (A) philanthropic organisations, corporates investing in corporate social responsibility and NGOs (irrespective of the focus area of such philanthropic / CSR activities) to promote gender mainstreaming and (B) private equity and venture capital funds, accelerators and incubators to promote gender impact investing, such as :

  • Gender Lens: Advising on how to adopt the gender lens as a focal point of policy and program making, and through different stages (such as problem identification, planning, project making, budgeting, monitoring, implementing, and evaluating).

  • Project Curation: Customizing existing and new programmes and initiatives to  bring in the gender lens and to make women and members of the LGBT community  – direct and  targeted beneficiaries.

  • Impact Assessment: Evaluating programmes and initiatives to assess gender impact from a  multidimensional perspective.

  • Training & Workshops: (i) To promote gender awareness, sensitization and diversity and inclusion; (ii) Training on gender mainstreaming and adopting the gender lens; (iii) Sexual harassment- sensitization, prevention and redressal as per the PoSH Act; and (iv) training of the Internal Committee (IC) as per the PoSH Act.

  • Goal Setting: Curating gender goals based on the specific industry / sector.

  • Gender Impact Investing: Advising private equity and venture capital funds, accelerators and incubators on adopting the gender lens in their programmes and processes, and curating specific goals, processes, and initiatives to enable gender impact investing.

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We offer a range of services to companies, trade associations, private equity and venture capital funds, educational institutions and other business entities, to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion,such as :

  • Gender Diversity Assessments: Curated programs such as gender diversity assessments entailing a deep dive into  various (quantitative and qualitative) parameters devised by us & workplace benefits analysis; and recommending specific and customized solutions based on the findings of the aforesaid.

  • HR Policies & Initiatives: An array of customised initiatives/ policies (across sectors and functional verticals) including leave policies, flexible work arrangements, hiring, rehiring and retention programmes, mentoring and leadership programmes for women, tackling gender career gaps and pay gaps; and all other HR policies including polices for prevention, prohibition and redressal of sexual harassment as per the PoSH Act, policies for transgender and LGBTQ inclusion at the workplace.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Consulting & Capacity Building: Preparing end to end solutions for promoting diversity and inclusion for women, and the LGBTQ community, with a special focus on Transgender persons. This includes preparation and advice on best practices and progressive policies.

  • Training & Workshops: (i) To create gender sensitization and promote diversity and inclusion; (ii) Tools for addressing barriers such as unconscious bias, stereotyping, and discrimination; (iii) LGBTQ inclusion - best practices (iv) Transgender inclusion – best practices (v) sexual harassment- sensitization, prevention and redressal as per the PoSH Act; and (vi) Training of the Internal Committee (IC) as per the PoSH Act. The workshops are customized respectively for senior management, HR & D&I professionals, all other employee cadres, management/ HR trainees and educators.

  • Client Interface: In certain customer facing sectors such as hospitality, healthcare, entertainment (including cinema business), education, real estate, advertising and retail - promoting gender sensitization and inclusion (with a special focus on LGBTQ persons) through customised policies and training, so as to enhance overall customer experience.

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We offer a range of gender advocacy and advisory services to government entities,  law and policy making bodies, civil society participants, non profit organizations and NGO’s, enterprises and individuals, such as:

  • Legal Reform: Addressing lacunae in law and policy including by seeking specific amendments and / or judicial intervention.

  • Affirmative Action: Advising on law and policy to enable affirmative action, eliminating regressive social practices and norms, and promoting equality, equal opportunity, diversity and inclusion.

  • Legal Awareness: Devising focused initiatives and programmes to disseminate information about legal rights; and promoting a rights based gender discourse.

  • Training & Workshops: (i) To promote gender sensitization and diversity and inclusion; and (ii) Creating awareness for mainstreaming and inclusion of LGBTQ persons. The workshops are customized respectively for administrative and judicial officers.

  • Research & Data: Undertaking and curating focused research programs to identify, evaluate and address gender gaps; advise on collecting and analysis of information and data using the gender lens.



* Terms of engagement and detailed experience statement for the aforesaid services are available on request.